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We focus on training youths how to breed catfish, which is becoming nowadays, very expensive in our local markets.All persons interested in learning how to catfish are trained for free.Brilliant ones are offered free startup kits to help them start their own farms.Catfish is a very good source of protein for humans.In recent years, we have all witnessed a dramatic rise in the demand and price of Catfish in our local Markets.Many countries have been trying to solve this problem by importing.Encouraging local production of Catfish, is a very good way of reducing importation and creating employment for persons willing to join this field.We know that breeding catfish is not very easy especially when you have not passed through a training.We train youths on how to :

1-Prepare a simple infrastructure with very basic tools,

2-Manage the feeding and Water.

3-Do controls and Calibration.

4-Condition for sales? Some sales Strategies

5-Fish Health

We follow up everyone after the training.


Simbock Chefferie
Centre, Yaounde 00237

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