Renovation of Office

Economic development
Economic Development

Cause Summary

We are moving to a larger office space and demands within the community have increased thus need to swift and support the vulnerable communities. In our current and previous projects we have achieved the following direct impacts: Disability support: 750 beneficiaries Refugees & Emergencies: 1,200 beneficiaries Education: support to primary schools, 2,000 pupils and 30 schools

Problem / Challenge

Our current projects needs a lot space, and we are requesting your support to renovate this house to be our new office, this space will also serve as a rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities, who need physical therapy and occupation therapy, training hub for the youths & women.

Solution / Impact

Use of Funds: -Purchase 100 ltrs of paints -20 bags of cement -33 pcs of ceiling boards -5 trips of sand -Payment of contractor's labor costs

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