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School Children Food Feeding Kibaoni Tanzania


Cause Summary

Basic education is seen as a necessary condition for development. In addition, it is seen as a right for every child. In rural girl’s schools, many schools have enrolled many vulnerable pupils and students whom their parents are poor and some are totally orphans. More so, the introduction of free education resulted in increased enrollments without looking into supporting programme relating to school feeding programme in arid and semi arid areas of TANZANIA. ACFMT has been the only organization assisting a total number (100) schools to carry out school feeding programme in 7- Girls Primary Schools and 5- Girls Secondary Schools in poor rural areas of TANZANIA County. The organization through the District Education Officers (DEOs) works closely to identify needy schools based on the number of orphans (pupils/students) and the institution nature (government school, community school or orphanage). The following are the problems faced;

Problem / Challenge

a. Many poor, orphaned pupils/ student drop-outs of schools due to poverty/ hunger. Since many pupils/ students are attracted to education through school feeding programme, some of them will no longer have the enthusiasm of going to school and therefore forced early marriage. b. Lack of adequate food stuffs to run the programme in the schools. Our organization has been managing the programme through fundraisings, charitable donations from local food companies and well-wishers or friends, whom are our sympathizers. Different meals cut off the problem of malnutrition associated with poor dieting hence the need to provide pupils or students with a balanced diet. c. The ever growing need by unsupported schools. Schools in poor rural areas, especially in semi-arid areas where food security is low face tremendous problems to attaining and achieving

Solution / Impact

Program Goal, Objectives & Results Goals: The goal of program is to provide a school-based lunch for girl’s and Boys Primary schools in Tanzania County, most of whom are poor, orphans and vulnerable school children/ students. Objectives: The main objective of the program is to provide accountability and learning purposes in achieving various educational modalities, gender disparity among girl-child from poor background. Increase the number of discriminated, exploited and neglected girls; to enrollment in schools in all levels and maintain them in the schools by providing easy way to access their education. Project Results • Nutritional benefits. Through a well balanced lunch, it evidence that school feeding program-me has a positive impact on nutrition for participating children. In some instances, parents may provide less food at home, and the school meal simply replaces a home meal rather than adding food to the child’s diet. •

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