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Community Hands Foundation is the non-government organization with the vision of creating prosperity community with sustainable development for the current and future generation and with the mission of implementing sustainable project that improve equal access worldwide to investment, opportunity and lifesaving services. Community-hands is working directly with the community in making sure all of the problems are well solved through the implemented projects in health, education ,environment and economic development. Recently an organization has launched the on-going programme( ELIMIKA PROGRAMME) with the purpose of educating youth in schools different aspects, where by organization is looking forward to implement second phase on January 2022.


This program aim at raising awareness among children and youth on issues related to health and hygiene, moral values and environment Currently there is persistent increase in moral value deterioration among children and youth which is reported from different level of education including primary school, secondary school and universities. Also Ignorance among children and youth on health related issues has been the flattering block toward preventing both communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases Furthermore climatic change threaten well-being of the community as it jeopardize social, health and economic status of the society and world at large. On this basis Elimika Progamme will enhance awareness among children and youth through school visit, seminar, training provision, interviews and dialoge through mass media and conferencing, through social media and helping the government to implement different compaigns related to health, moral values and environment


Aid description

School stationary voucher,Sanitary Pad voucher


Minimum funding goal

EUR 1,199

Maximum funding goal

EUR 3,000

Fundraising starting date

Jan 14, 2022 07:44

Fundraising ending date

Feb 13, 2022 14:55

Form of aid

Digital Vouchers

Number of beneficiaries


Minimum amount per beneficiary

EUR 11

Maximum amount per beneficiary

EUR 27

Token name


Redemption period

Beneficiaries will need 13 day(s) to redeem their donations

Redemption period starting date

Feb, 13, 2022

Redemption period ending date

Feb, 26, 2022

Verified organization fee


To cover logistics expenses

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