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Tanzania, Morogoro


Africa child foundation mission of Tanzania is a Non Goverment organization , it found in Morogoro it deal with four problem which faced our country since independence , these obstacles are Health problem, Education , Environment, food, hunger and Diseases to women,children and society who are living in poverty area.


Basic education is seen as a necessary condition for development. In addition, it is seen as a right for every child. In rural girl’s schools, many schools have enrolled many vulnerable pupils and students whom their parents are poor and some are totally orphans. More so, the introduction of free education resulted in increased enrollments without looking into supporting programme relating to school feeding programme in arid and semi arid areas of TANZANIA. ACFMT has been the only organization assisting a total number (71 and then increasing to 700) schools to carry out school feeding programme in 7- Girls Primary Schools and 5- Girls Secondary Schools in poor rural areas of TANZANIA County. The organization through the District Education Officers (DEOs) works closely to identify needy schools based on the number of orphans (pupils/students) and the institution nature (government school, community school or orphanage).


Aid description

Daily Hot Meals for 2 Month


Self funded amount

TZS 710,000

Maximum funding goal

TZS 710,000

Form of aid

Defined Product(s) or Product Sets

Number of beneficiaries


Amount per beneficiary

TZS 10,000

Token name


Redemption period

Beneficiaries will need 9 day(s) to redeem their donations

Redemption period starting date

Jan, 24, 2022

Redemption period ending date

Feb, 03, 2022

Self funded campaign

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