Support families with blankets during winter time in Lebanon

Winter aid

Aid description

Warm Blankets

Campaign Summary

In Lebanon, prices are increasing and the economic situation is in crisis. The unemployment rate is high and the salary for the working people is insufficient to cover all the expenses. With this project we want to help vulnerable families with blankets during the cold winter season.

Problem / Challenge

Winter is coming and people are not well prepared for the cold weather. Heaters are too expensive due to the depreciation of the Libanese Lira. Many households remain without any heating nor enough blankets to keep the family warm.

Solution / Impact

With this project will be distributing blankets to 533 households in Lebanon to ensure that the health of the people in need wont be affected by the cold weather.

Minimum funding goal

CHF 13,132

Maximum funding goal

CHF 16,884

Fundraising starting date

Nov 10, 2021 12:54

Fundraising ending date

Dec 10, 2021 13:17

Form of aid

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Redemption period

Beneficiaries will need 20 day(s) to redeem their donations

Redemption period starting date

Dec, 10, 2021

Redemption period ending date

Dec, 30, 2021

Verified organization fee


To cover logistics and local staff.

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